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Dear Lizzy,

I have something really interesting to tell you. Its about my trip to the moon last weekend.


We had planned this trip for almost a year before and I was so excited to finally get there that I couldn´t really sleep the night before. My friend had gone to the moon last year and she had told me lots of awesome things about her trip, so I tried to imagine what the moon looked like. But my imagination wasn´t even close to the reality. When we arrived at Hanover airport, a woman took us to a special gate, which was only for moon visitors. There we saw the first advertisements for shops on the moon and they looked super cool! We entered the rocket and sat in the visitors cabin. It took us about 2 hours to arrive, but the flight wasn´t boring. The airport on the moon was a lot smaller than the one in Hanover. We had to put on some special space-clothes before we were allowed to leave the area where they added artificial oxygen to the air. First we visited Moon-city, the capital city of the moon where I bought some souvenirs. After that, we went to the city of Moon York where we ate lunch. It was very funny to eat with the spacesuits on and the scenery was absolutely amazing. Sadly, out oxygen bottles were almost empty, so we had to go back to the airport and flew back to the earth. What did you do on the weekend? Please write back!

Finja Mlynek